The Council of the Ages Edit

"Originally formed over two thousand years ago, to help the races defeat both the War of the Nations and the summoning of Tiamat, the Council of the Ages is comprised of various ambassadors representing all of the races of Malidore. While the particular composition has evolved over time, the council has remained true to it's original function. Over the centuries there have only been a few instances where the Council has had to assert its authority. Outside of those occasions the Council offers advice to the various Nations of Malidore."

- Quilla Silverthread, Council Historian

Current Council of the Ages Member Edit

Human Nations Edit

  • Lady Eglinda Comlochan
  • Sir Galvyn Cumminleck
  • Duke Isoba Glaslaig
  • Lady Baldinaa Kilnatyre
  • Lady Abbad Falnaird

Elven Nations Edit

  • Mistress Quillathe Thysathrad
  • Lady Syllella Aerduin
  • Master Arannis Caerdonel

Dwarven Nations Edit

  • Lord Thonil Ironfist
  • Mistress Arli Broodfist
  • Sir Baern Rockharvest

Gnome Enclaves Edit

  • Miss Duvamil Nackle
  • Sir Fibblestib Miggeledy

Nationless Peoples Edit

  • Dragonborn Viceroy Valorean Turnuoth
  • Dragonborn Mistress Farideh Argenthrixus
  • Tiefling Lady Ispira Pelcar
  • Tiefling Master Akakos Benfar