Malidore is a fictional land designed for a Homebrewed Dungeons & Dragon campaign using Wizards of the Coast's 5e ruleset. Edit


"It is hard to separate truth from folklore. Each race has their own story of where they came from and how long they've been on Malidore. According to their recorded history the newest race, the humans, have been around for maybe 3,500 years. As for where they came from is up to debate. It seems every inhabitant of Malidore has their own theories and unraveling that tangled twine is beyond this simple historian. As for the origins of Malidore itself, most traditions hold that life first arrived some 20,000 years ago. For years the Council has been searching for artifacts and relics that may fill in the gaps in our collective history. They have assigned me to deciphering all these finds in hopes that I can unlock the mysteries of our past."

- Quilla Silverthread, Council Historian "Our Common History"

Quilla's Notes: Edit

A Collection of Key Historical Events

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