Elven Nations Edit

Cithreth Enclave Edit

  • Largest Elven Nation
  • Leader: Nimlothel
  • Scattered across Malidore
  • Typically settle in remote locations
  • Wary of outsiders

Amonlynd People Edit

  • Second largest Elven Nation
  • Leader: Lemmakil
  • Mostly keep to Northern Malidore
  • Friendly to the Wayhurst Nation
  • Largest population of Half-Elves

House of Vallerion Edit

  • Leader: Echur
  • Found in the Southernmost regions
  • Offer refuge to Arcane users
  • Tradition claims they started Druidism
  • Pelcar Tribe
    • Leader: Arad
    • Located in Eastern Malidore
    • Rumored to be Dragon Hunters
    • Considered to be warlike by most outsiders
    • Scattered across Malidore in small tribes
    • Moves around in small groups

Dwarven Clans Edit

The Ironmakers Edit

  • Leader: Kunain
  • The largest clan of iron forgers
  • Located across the spine of the mountains along the Western coastline
  • Thrive of trade
  • Most friendly to outsiders

Holderhek Clan Edit

  • Leader: Allbungr
  • Located throughout the smaller mines in Southwestern Malidore
  • Known to have some of the deepest dwellings among all Dwarves
  • Rumored to be related to the Duregar
  • Guardians to the Gates of the Underdark

Lutgehr Clan Edit

  • Leader: Rinain
  • One of the few Dwarven clans that live above ground
  • Typically found in small settlements outside major towns
  • Generally work as merchants or brokers between the Dwarven clans and other races
  • Only known Dwarven clan to work as sailors